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October 13 2011 5 13 /10 /October /2011 00:26

Bonjour .                   

10 months in process, Complete restoration . Chris craft 23' 1947 Express Cruiser .

I did start talking about this project 4 months ago , she is a 23' Chris Craft build-ed in 1947 .

At my knowledge ( Chris Craft Museum research ) there is only one left except the one in my hand .

I was very surprised and hope this serie of articles will help to learn more about her .

I did restore plenty of vintage Chris Craft , but I  love the preservation quality of this one , for a 1947 , she is amazing .

As the owner does not want to keep the current name ( not original anyway ) i will have to temporary name her , for convenience communication XC47 ....

Donc , ( french expression for OK ) XC47was apparently  for over 10 years in a dry storage and major damages we find were cracks on wood plank due to over dry . My first move was to move her to a friend Shipyard ( Cerritos yacht anchorage ),  open damaged area and let her sit for some time .

The weather condition this month in long Beach are totally perfect ... even too much this week .

As today , when i am revueing my week end article ... Really Too Much rain !

By tradition , i do prefer pictures rather than long descriptions and my written english is far from perfect .

In this first page , we did remove all hardware's , send them for chroming ,open cracks , sand : hull ,transom , and heat gun "varnish and caulking" remove .


Philippe d'Aniere

 Aug 22 A


Picture 053

P1010010  PB304507
  P1204601   Picture 027

Second major operation is wood cracks "West System epoxy" repairs , and loose planks refastening

Watch this short video

Next step ( month # 2 of process ) : new grooving between planks , Epoxy primer , sanding , fairing ,
Epoxy primer ,sanding , fairing ....... 4 times , hull and cockpit .
All wood parts heat gun stripping 80 G sanding / 180 G sanding / bleach cleaning .
P1010010-copy-1  PC014516  P1010013
 Picture 028  


January 31 2011

XC47 is fully prepared and one coat of white LP was applied , wood is ready to be stained as close as possible to original ( dark red ). Deck is done ( i will issue a special paragraph to this specific " Philippe " process )

Finishing process ready to go !


Because of weather and quality requested by owner , it took us until March 30 to complete interior , exterior

Awlgrip Lp snow white paint . Over 700 hours as Today .

Result is close to perfection


  Feb 23 2011   March 10 2011
  P4154874   P4014793


During this 2 months period , we also repaired and processed bright wood .

This process will be completed after motorisation done in New port Beach .

April 04 2011 B


P1284640  Feb 02 2011 P1284636 
 P1010008  P2044655  P4154876


April 20 2011


Gone a month for motorisation



May 20 2011 Engine instaled

1947-Express-Cruiser 6707

Back to us Monday June 20 ..........

July 27

All carpentry done / Varnish one part 14 coats / waiting for awlgrip +

Deck done , missing 10 varnish coats .

Full report this week end

P1010002  P1010005  P1010023
 P1010022  P1010034  P1010032
 le calme avant la tempete  Chris Varnish J21 11  

  August 04

  Engine cover in process

dbvmnweropp[fd ovmaerkl 
  phuiogmcxfgn   agivbmkdfghodk
Aug 22 C  aug26c  
  P1010006   sfghfypoooo  
P1010003  Chris-Craft 1947 best

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